Hi, my name is

Mike Portman

Web Developer.

About Me

Mike here! Thanks for checking out my website. I am a self taught developer located in Austin, TX. In my previous life I received my bachelors in Political Science at San Jose State and had some years of experience managing local and corporate retail stores.

Fast-forward to today for how long I’ve been there’s not been a day that goes by thinking without me about how happy I decided to switch careers. It was a lot of work learning from scratch but well worth it. I’ve had the privilege of working on sites for local nonprofits up to publicly traded companies.

Some interests outside of work are:

  • Training and running marathons
  • Teaching my dog how to be a good boy
  • Playing old 60’s songs on guitar
  • Growing veggies in the backyard
  • Going on long walks with the wife and dog

Click here for my detailed resume.

Where I’ve Worked

Jan ’20 – Present

  • Lead and created 7 localized versions of our corporate website
  • Work on two major site rebrands to match new marketing campaigns
  • Daily page creation and upkeep to 1,500+ pages
  • Work almost exclusively with custom WordPress theming. PHP, SASS, TailWind, Javascript, JQuery

Some Things I’ve Built

Professional Role
SailPoint Technologies

Working within the marketing department developing and maintaining the corporate site. Look on any page and odds are I have contributed in some way to make it look and work the way it is. Have collaborated with many people around the company to increase Site has been developed on WordPress.

Professional Role
Harris Media

Marketing Agency specializing in political web presence. Worked with congressmen to political groups to grow their public interests. Worked on many sites weekly from creating to updating. Work was primarily in WordPress but also had to learn the coding language Liquid and Nationbuilder.

Professional Role
Mint Design Agency

My first professional role in the new field of web development (Always write a cover letter, it helps!). Maintained and created sites within WordPress with mainly layout builders like Avada, Divi, and Salient.

Pflugerville Arts Council
New Mexico Natural Oil & Gas Association
Light in Darkness Ministries
Vignette Bake Shop
Naya Clinics
Slam Bam!